Universal 6 in 1 Multi Function Touch Screen Stylus Tool Pen (Red)

10 Grams
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This Universal 6 in 1 Multi Function Touch Screen Stylus full-featured metal pen tool Pen has an exciting array of impressive functions and features a Ballpoint Pen, Touchscreen Stylus, Ruler, Spirit Level, Flat & Phillips Screwdriver. The multifunctional stylus that delivers far beyond conventional styluses available. The 6-in-1 Stylus Pen has an omnidirectional tip, capable of moving on the screen just as smoothly in any direction you wish. This allows for accurate movements, drawings and precision touches. Not only does the feature a stylus tip at one end of the pen, but it also has a refillable ballpoint ink pen at the other end. The Stylus is ideal for making quick, small measurements as it features a 7cm and a 3 inch ruler printed on its body. With the integrated sprit level, it is the perfect tool for ensuring objects are aligned accurately. By removing the stylus end of the stylus, a screwdriver tip is revealed. So wherever you are, you'll always have a screwdriver to hand. This pen suits all audiences from gadget geeks to office busy bodies Also perfect for all those small yet demanding DIY needs around the house or workplace Benefits & Features This multi-tool pen is made of good quality metal with a metallic finish which gives it that professional edge, It is light weight and portable so you can carry it around wherever you go; in your bag, shirt pocket, glove box, anywhere