SAMSUNG UK Charger PLUG with 1M - Micro-USB Cable

ETA-U90UWE with Micro-USB Cable
20 Grams
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SAMSUNG UK Charger with Micro-USB Cable for Galaxy S4/S4 Mini/Note 2/Note 3/S3/S3 Mini

  • 2 amp 3 pin Uk plug / micro USB data cable included
  • Usb 2.0 Hi-Speed support length: 100 cm 1 metre - (no retail packaging)

Samsung Travel Adapter:- Genuine mains charger for your phone. If you've lost or damaged your SAMSUNG charger , or just need a spare, this Genuine Mains charger is for you. A very handy & must have piece of accessory for any phone owner. Take it wherever you go thanks to compact design. Charge a wide range of USB-compatible devices. Samsung ETA-U90UWE - Travel Adapter 5V 2A(No Retail packaging as the item is bulk packaged and comes in poly bag only) Features:- ==> Perfect Portable USB Charging ==> Mains/Wall/Travel adapter Charger - ETA-U90UWE ==> Charge most Samsung tablets & Smartphones (compatible cable required, Use Genuine cable for fast charging) ==> Brand :- Samsung ==> Warrantry :- 12 Months Samsung Micro USB v2.0:- The Genuine Samsung USB Data Cable will enable you to transfer data quickly and easily between your phone and your computer. With minimal power consumption, this handy accessory is great to have to hand.(No Retail packaging as the item is bulk packaged and comes in poly bag only). Features:- ==> 2-in-1 features: hot sync & charging ==> Connect mobile phone with your PC/laptop by USB port ==> Update music/data and more ==> Brand :- Samsung ==> Warrantry :- 12 Months THESE ARE GENUINE SAMSUNG PRODUCTS SOURCED FROM AUTHORISED SUPPLIERS *** Package Includes:- ==> 1 x Genuine Samsung Charger Travel Adapter - ETA-U90UWE