3pcs Disc Tips ONLY for Fibermesh 2 in 1 Universal Mini Jot Disc Fine Point Stylus Pen

40 Grams
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It can be used for all stylus devices Feature List.
1. Disc fall off prevention
2. More precise and accurate
3. Compatible with both old and new touch device

1. EASE -No need to apply a lot of pressure to the pen, the disc tip is highly responsive and glides effortlessly on your screen which makes drawing easy and precise, and works much better than a normal rubber tip pen
2. MULTIFUNCTION -Not only functions as a touch screen stylus but as a ballpoint pen for writing on paper. The capacitive discs for stylus and ink for pen are replaceable.
3. COMFORT -The pen works nicely and can rotate in all angles and directions. Silent when moving disc tip across the screen.
4. CARE -Helps protect and/or avoid getting fingerprints or scratches on your devise and works through a touch screen protector.
5. CAP -Screw cap protects the unique disc tip design. When removed, the cap can be screwed on to the top of the pen to avoid losing it and provides some extra length